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What are Nippers (Junior Activities) ?

Junior Activities Life Saving is commonly known as "Nippers" and is made up of infants, primary and secondary school aged children, in the Under 6 to the Under 14 age group.

The aim of the North Curl Curl SLSC is to develop and educate Junior Activities Members, as required by the Surf Life Saving Australia 'Surf ED' program, and to promote progression and integration into the senior ranks of the club.

Competition is also available to those who wish, at interclub and State level throughout the season. Nippers are held each Sunday Morning throughout the summer season within the club.


Information for Nippers

For all you need to know about the start 2015/2016 Nippers Season at North Curly, including

  • key calendar dates and schedules
  • training details
  • clothing information
  • hiring club boards
  • how you can get involved
  • check out the September edition of the North Curly Nippers Newsletter Download Click Here

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    Welcome to Nippers at North Curly

    Junior Activities Surf Life Saving – Nippers – is for infant, primary and secondary school children, in the Under 6 to Under 14 age groups. Nippers is run by parent volunteers.

    The aim of Nippers @ North Curly SLSC is to develop, educate and engage Junior Members through a broad surf education program integrated with the senior ranks of the club. We want our kids to participate on Sundays, develop skills through training and, for those who wish, compete at Club, Branch, State and National levels. North Curly has even sent teams to international events!

    Nippers is held each Sunday morning throughout the summer season within the Club and we encourage this to be a morning of family participation. In fact, Mums and Dads, aunts, uncles and Grandparents WE NEED YOU! As a result of feedback from last year, this season we introduced a family membership and each family with a child enrolled in junior activities will have at least one parent or guardian member accompanying the child. We are also providing extra skills development and support for parents who want to get involved. With that in mind, to help you get involved, we need:

  • Off the beach: registrar; admin support for education, competition and training; and, team managers for sand (sprints, flags, march past, first aid) and water (swim and board) teams;
  • On Sundays: age managers; age helpers; and, water safety (including rescue boats);
  • Training: midweek afternoon training; and, Saturday and Sunday morning training covering both sand and water; water safety;
  • At carnivals: officials; and, carnival age managers, water safety.
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    Nippers Age Categories for 2015/2016 Season

    Age groups for all Surf Life Saving members is calculated by the current age as at midnight on September 30th of each year. For example, a child that is 9 years of age as of September 30th 2015, will be categorised as an U10 Nipper for the 2015/2016 season. See the table below for full details:

    - child has turned 13 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 12 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 11 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 10 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 9 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 8 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 7 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 6 on or before September 30th 2015
    - child has turned 5 on or before September 30th 2015

    Note: A child cannot be involved in a Nippers program until they turn 5 years old (e.g. if a child turns 5 on 1 November, they cannot join in or partake in any activities until 1 November)

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    Swimming Proficiency Requirements

    It is a requirement that all Nippers from U/8 to U/14 must complete a basic swimming assessment test before entering the water or participating in any nipper activities and carnivals.

    A mandatory pool swim and float will be held at Pittwater House heated pool on Friday October 9th (5:15pm for U8 and 5:45pm for U9-U14).

    For safety in the water we need to know each child's capabilities before water activities are undertaken. Once completed, the Water Safety to Junior Member ratio is 1:5. Any child not meeting the evaluation level will require a Water Safety ratio of 1:1 when involved in water activities (participation at the discretion of the Club).

    The assessment will take 5 to 10 minutes pending numbers. On the day volunteers will be asked to assist at each end of a lane

    The evaluation is required as follows -

  • For all U8's
  • For al U9-U14's who were not 'preliminary evaluated' and passed last year (If unsure come along and swim the distance).
  • For U9's-U14's who were evaluated last year, you may either swim at Pittwater House again this year, or as last year's evaluation is valid until Christmas, you can elect to swim the 'competitor' distance cans and float on a Nipper Sunday. This is YOUR responsibility to ensure this is performed prior to Christmas and recorded by your Age Manager.
  • All SRC as you need a timed 200 meter swim (freestyle, in less than 5 minutes)
  • U6 & U7 are not required to attend this evaluation. These age groups do not enter deep water nor compete — their evaluations are conducted during Nippers

    For a copy of the SLSA Junior Preliminary Skills Assessment for age group assessment requirements.Go To Click Here

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    Age Managers and Age Group Reference Material

    There are a number of reference documents available to Age Managers covering their important role in helping to develop our junior members, as well as all the activities material for the various age groups. These cover from Under 6 to the Under 14 age groups.

    The material is available at the Youth And Membership page on the Branch web site Go To Click Here

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    Nippers Beach Training

    Here's a brief update on what will be happening on the beach this year regarding training. Beach Sprint, Flags and Relay training will be held on Sunday mornings at 8.00am prior to nippers. This will be starting on Sunday 11 October 2015. Training will go for roughly 45mins. This will run up until the last nippers in December then training days will be reassessed.

    Please note whenever there is a carnival on a Sunday there will be NO Sunday beach training. There will be a second session for those who can't make Sundays and wanting to compete at carnivals on a Tuesdays starting 13 October 2015 from 4:00pm-4:45pm.

    There is a U9-U14 Beach only carnival at Queenscliff coming up on Saturday 1 November 2015 and it would be great to see North Curl Curl competing at this carnival. It's a great fun carnival for those who haven't competed before. Events are 1Km Run, Beach Sprint, Beach Flags, Mixed Beach Relay min 2 girls, All Age Relay (unlimited teams) There's also medals for ALL competitors placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in Finals. Please let me know if you are interested and I can start putting some teams together. The Club will be sending more information about how to enter etc.

    If any of the older nippers 12+ are interested in training with the seniors they are more than welcome to. Training is run on a Wednesday around 6.30pm ish. This is yet to be confirmed. Please let me know if this might be something your nipper is interested in and I'll include you on my seniors list.

    I'm looking forward to having another fun season with you all. If you have any questions I'm always available on so please feel free to contact me.

    Renee Nero - Beach Coach

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